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Queensbury Phase #1

This 20,400sqft renovation projects included the reformation of 3 rental spaces into 2 rental spaces and upgrades throughout.  A focal point of the Queensbury Convention Centre these spaces are used for weddings, political events, social activities, graduations, etc…

The renovation included a structural infill of 800sqft of existing floor with new decking and concrete.  Interior bulkheads were added along with the replacement of the tile and grid system.  Modular block walls, tiled columns, and tiled accent framing at the entrance doors help to give the space a modern and sophisticated feel.  Repainting, new lighting, and mechanical duct relocations completed the project.

The unique aspect of this project was the 7 week timeline which proved to be a scheduling challenge.  A once dormant and out of date facility was now resurrected into a hot commodity for public events.