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Whether working as your construction manager, your project manager, or your design-build contractor, VPM provides a wealth of knowledge for a variety of construction projects.

Check out a few of our projects!

Indian Head Theatre Roof Replacement

This heritage project consisted of the removal and reconstruction of the existing 2800sqft roof on the Indian Head Theatre.  The existing building roof was in need of replacement with the existing girders and beams splitting, cracking, and causing both aesthetic and structural issues for the theatre. 

VPM worked as a construction manager alongside the Indian Head Theatre group provide a safe construction site and complete the project with minimal interruption.

Although this was a small project, it presented a challenge to VPM’s on site crews.  The 4 main girders remained as they carried the theatre’s ceiling system below so the roof was constructed in 3 separate sections.  Levelling of the perimeter block was an engineering feat but VPM was able to complete the project on time and below budget.