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Whether working as your construction manager, your project manager, or your design-build contractor, VPM provides a wealth of knowledge for a variety of construction projects.

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Fire Administration Office Renovation

This 5800sqft renovation project consists of full interior demolition of the existing space and construction of a new boardroom, meeting room, offices, lunchroom, washrooms, and work station areas.

The existing building required some structural modifications to help open up the space for the work station areas.  This included new concrete piles, caps and steel beams.  The interior was finished with new glazing, doors, drywall, various types of flooring, painting, folding panel partitions and associated mechanical and electrical.

The exterior of the building was updated with a new mechanically fastened EIFS system over top of the existing finishes.

Some challenges on the project would include the temporary shoring and construction of the interior piles and beams.  This proved to be a challenge due to the low headroom but VPM’s crews were up to the task completing the project on time and on budget.