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City of Regina Equipment Storage Building Renovation

This 64,000sqft building renovation was completed in 2 phases.

In Phase 1 VPM crews demolished 64,000sqft of existing asbestos, partitions, flooring, ceilings, millwork, ductwork, lighting, and sprinkler piping to open up the entire building.  The existing floor was sawcut open and 700’ of new concrete trenches and sump pits were formed prior to installing a new reinforced concrete floor throughout the facility.  The exterior walls along 2 sides of the building were reconstructed and clerestory aluminum glazing was added for natural light.  The existing roof was demolished and replaced with a new EPDM roof system including 5 new roof top units with curbs and parapet revisions.  New lighting, ducts, sanitary, and a fire suppression system completed the interior.

In Phase 2 VPM crews constructed 2 new loading docks with new overhead doors and safety rails on the exterior of the building.  A new concrete apron was constructed at the existing interior loading dock and 3 existing buildings were demolished.  Due to the sheer size of the building demolition and renovation this project proved to be a challenge for everyone involved but even more so a success at completion.