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Mosaic - CL26 Booster Pump Station

This 2,240sqft building was constructed to house 4 booster pumps for the Mosaic Potash Corporation.

The building is constructed with pre-engineered steel on a concrete pile and foundation system.  A concrete floor slab interior with 4 booster pump pads completed the interior.

The exterior building finishes are a primarily a prefinished metal cladding for the walls and roof. 

Some unique challenges of the project include the construction of the 4 booster pump pier that measured 6’ x 12’ x 3’-6” and were supported on 4 concrete piles per pier.  The concrete floor slab was poured under a site constructed hoarding due to the cold weathers and the large pumps were installed.  The building was constructed overtop of the pumps which proved a challenge for the erecting crew all by itself. 

A challenging project but a rewarding one for VPM and their crews.

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