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This 13,440sqft building addition was completed in 2011 to provide the client with additional manufacturing space. 

The building is constructed with a pre-engineered steel building system and finished with a standing seam roof system and prefinished metal cladding.

Multiple challenges were presented to VPM during this project.  This building addition included 4 overhead cranes, (2) 15 ton cranes in the North bay and (2) 30 ton cranes in the South bay.  The runway beams were designed to align with the client’s existing runway beams to allow the owner to move his existing cranes into the new building addition.  The limitations imposed on this project due to the underground aquifer provided a challenge to the engineering and design of the foundation system. This was remedied by using groups of bell piles in order carry the massive weights imposed on the structure.  A cricket system was also constructed on the existing roof in order to control water flow from the previous 2 building additions constructed by the client.

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