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Alpine Plant Foods

This 12,500sqft building was built as a hot mix liquid fertilizer plant for Nachur’s Alpine Plant Foods near Belle Plaine, SK.  The building contained an interior tank storage, pump room & pit, batch tank & platform, loading dock, transfer pits and trenches, offices, laboratory, parts room, and associated change rooms and washrooms.  A 1,700sqft mezzanine on the interior was also constructed for future offices and boardroom.

The building is constructed with pre-engineered steel and the mezzanine is constructed with wood framing.  Interior block walls surround the Pump Room & Pit while coated steel platforms and rails functioned as access to the batch tank platform.  The exterior building finishes are primarily a prefinished metal cladding and the roof is a standing seam roof system.

Some unique features of the project include the 5’ wide x 5’ deep trenches with the Agrusafe Sure Grip concrete liner system and epoxy coated steel cross beams and gratings.  Also provided was a 205’ long engineered gutter which was designed to take all the water along the holding tank side of the roof and disperse it through multiple downspouts located at the end of the building.

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