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Taylor Automotive Group

This building was constructed as an auto body repair shop for Taylor Motors as well as a sales lot and office for Regina Used Cars.  The building consists of an 18,600sqft repair shop and 2-story 2,050sqft office space. 

The building is constructed with a pre-engineered steel building that includes 2 levels of conventional steel framing for the office.  The exterior building finishes are a combination of prefinished metal cladding, EIFS stucco, and brick.  The exterior is accented with large pipe canopies to provide an architectural element to the look of the project.

Some unique features of the project include 2 self-contained paint booths inside the shop and the large pipe canopies located at the building entrance which provides a unique architectural flare to the look of the building.  Successfully completed in 2010 this project was on time and on budget, providing the client with one of a kind building for decades to come. 

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