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Whether working as your construction manager, your project manager, or your design-build contractor, VPM provides a wealth of knowledge for a variety of construction projects.

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Ricky's All Day Grill

VPM constructed this 4,100sqft building for a developer in early 2014 and proceeded to complete the interior improvements for the tenant later that same year.  The restaurant consists of a main seating area, lounge, kitchen, servery, meeting room and prep/cooler/freezer areas.

The building is constructed with a combination of wood framing and steel beam supports to provide an open concept for the tenant.   The foundations are concrete grade beam, pile and slab on grade.  The site around the building includes new concrete walks, curbs, and asphalt parking lot.

The exterior building finishes are a combination of stucco and stone with the signature Ricky’s stone entrance.

Some unique features of the project include a steel canopy awning wrapping the corner of the building and signature hardware and interior fittings custom to the Ricky’s franchise.  The multiple bulkheads and dropped wood ceilings add a character to the project.