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Reliable Heating & Cooling

This 2 story building for Reliable Heating and cooling is constructed with 12,800sqft of usable floor space.  An 8,400sqft building foot print with a 4,200sqft 2nd floor office area.  The building consists of new offices, training rooms, boardrooms, reception, inventory storage, shop space and associated circulation areas.

The building is constructed with a pre-engineered steel structure on a concrete pile and foundation.  The floor structure is a combination slab on grade and structural slab and the 2nd floor consists of concrete floor over metal pan and steel joists.

The building finishes are a combination of prefinished metal, stone, and EIFS Stucco.  The interior is finished with drywall, various floor coverings, paint colors, and combinations of millwork and accent trims.

A unique feature of the project is the large span open web roof joists used in lieu of roof purlins which created a more open concept for the client and flexibility for the design team.  The roof system carries 3 roof top units with pre-fab steel walk ways and rails which is uncommon for this type of construction. 

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