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DJ Construction Lease Building

This 17,100sqft building consists of a 5 bay building for future lease space.  Each bay is complete with a 950sqft main floor office space, 950sqft mezzanine space, and 2,470sqft of shop space.  One bay is complete with a loading dock ramp and dock leveler.

The building is constructed with a pre-engineered steel structure, and wood framed walls and mezzanine floor system.  Infill steel studs and sheeting completed the upper portion of the structure.  The building was supported on a concrete pile and grade beam foundation with a structural slab throughout the office spaces.

The exterior building finishes are a combination of stucco and stone along 3 sides with a prefinished metal cladding on the rear parking lot area at the overhead doors and loading dock.

We completed the project with full landscaping, site walks, and asphalt paving to provide the client with an eye-catching facility and successful leasing property.

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