Planned. Managed. Delivered.

Mission Statement

We manage every project with professionalism, accountability, integrity and efficiency to match the original plan and purpose. Through a collaborative approach we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

"Another job well done with VPM...the project manager and site supervisor communicated and coordinated well to bring the project to a successful close."

Ellen Thorn
Regina Plumbing & Heating

Why hire us?

We’ve been exceeding customer expectations since 1976.

Van Alstine Project Management (VPM) offers a complete range of design and construction services, from simple buildings to complex facilities for commercial, industrial and community clients.

  • We bring our depth of experience and our reputation for hard work, integrity and honesty to every project.
  • We take pride in completing projects for our customers on budget and on time.
  • Our team is small, flexible and works well together because we share similar values.
  • We are a well-established, successful company with many loyal, long-term employees. We encourage continuous learning and offer our employees opportunities to advance.
  • We surpass industry standards in documenting our work. We are ISO 9001 certified, reflecting our passion for quality assurance.
  • We listen: we regularly survey our clients, consultants,  sub-contractors and suppliers to learn what we could be doing better.
  • We learn: we hold weekly meetings with on site project supervisors to identify, track and find solutions to any difficulties within a project.
  • We are versatile: we offer construction management, project management, and design build services.
  • We are an authorized Behlen Buildings dealer, providing quality- engineered buildings that come with comprehensive performance warranties.

We are proud members of:

Company History

Corporations’ stories often become the stuff of legends when they begin with a sketch on a paper napkin, a simple handshake or roll out their first product from one’s garage.

VPM’s story may not be as well-known as that of Microsoft, but its first steps are not all that different. Greg Van Alstine didn’t start building computers in his garage, but he spent 1976 installing subfloors on residential foundations. It didn’t take long before he and two friends were framing houses. Construction flowed in Greg’s veins from the very beginning.

Shortly before the company was incorporated, a home office was included in the family house plan which was built in 1979. This setting was a key factor in fostering a business team as closely knit as a family. This would become a hallmark of VPM’s business and team building philosophy.

Time for the paper napkin story!

The setting was Buddy’s Steakhouse.

Greg’s crew, thanks to their attention to detail and quality, had become Regal Homes’ favoured team. Glenn Sleightholm, the owner, was looking for someone who could manage and supervise several teams in the construction of a large number of residential homes.

With the stroke of a genuine Frances Olson purple pen, the agreement was scratched on a paper napkin. Greg’s project management career was off! In the first year 110 homes were completed, and Regal Homes’ reputation for quality construction improved dramatically.

After three years of managing Regal Homes’ construction, Greg returned to sub-contracting. But in 1984 a major transition took place with the construction of a 4-unit seniors’ complex in Pangman, Saskatchewan. The goal of becoming a large-scale general contractor became a reality.

From building homes to building the company

Another major shift occurred in the 90’s. For the company to grow, it was time to build inner strength. The company would never be stronger than those in its employ. That strength would increase with the arrival of Greg Wilson in 1992 bringing his 9 years of commercial construction experience, an asset that would remain with VPM for 25 years. Terry Auger, a graduate of SIAST Architectural/Engineering Technology program, followed in 1996, further adding to VPM’s talented team; he would be instrumental in implementing the estimating software which continues to serve VPM.

Hiring and keeping bright committed team players continues to be VPM’s philosophy to this day. Many have been graduates of the same program Terry benefited from, a tribute to SIAST and its successor, Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

But VPM’s development did not stop with building this strong and stable team, high professional standards were also established. After all, project management means being responsible for the smooth delivery of large projects — by a variety of trades — and this can’t happen without well-established processes. Always seeking better results, both internally and for its clients, VPM currently maintains certification for the demanding ISO,  ISN and COR standards.

Building and keeping a talented team with high standards is in sync with the way Greg summarizes his goals: “I have never aimed to become the biggest project management company. I only want to have a well-oiled machine, a close team of people all pulling in the same direction: quality construction.”